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A Survival Guide For Dealing With People You Don’t Like

I agree with everything Kovie wrote in this post, even thou holding my mouth shut would probably kill me.

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I often tell people that I’m grateful that Jesus said, “Love one another,” and not “Like one another,” because although it may not seem like it, love, that is agape or Christian love, is the easier one between those two. Agape is charity, to help someone when they are in need and wish them well. That, I can do. Asking me to like every person I will encounter is asking a little bit too much. And the way the world works, sometimes we have to run into people that we don’t like; sometimes we have to be around them through no fault or choices of our own. So unless you plan on moving to an island and taking all the people you like with you, you can follow this survival guide for dealing with people you don’t like:

1. When that person is your boss.

I’m just going to put this out…

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