How to Make Dyslexic Friendly Kindle

If you want to give Kindle to your dyslexic friend, spouse or child, here is tutorial on how to make it dyslexic friendly.

This is how I made a Dyslexic friendly Kindle for my awesome Dyslexic wife. (Using Gill Dyslexic)

How to create a Kindle friendly custom font out of Gill Dyslexic Font. I do not wish to take credit for things that are not my creation. The maker of the Gill Dyslexic font is a redditor, without him this would not be possible. I created this tweak/hack so that I could give my bride a special gift on our wedding day.

A book she could finally read (and be relaxed) on our honeymoon. And not just any book, EVERY book she ever wants. No one had done specifically this before (that I knew of) so I had to pretty much figure this out. This is what I did. Below I will condense these instructions so they are as brief as possible especially when numerous guides and information already exist.

Step 1: Jailbreak your kindle – start here:

Step 2: Install the custom fonts hack on your kindle :

Step 3: $9.99 Purchase the Gill Dyslexic font from :

Step 4: Create a Gill custom font that is kindle ready, then install it!

the following files need new names (they come from the archive you will receive after purchasing the Gill_Dyslexic Font)

Gill_Dyslexic_Bold.ttf > Serif_Bold.ttf

Gill_Dyslexic_Bolditalic.ttf > Serif_Bolditalic.ttf

Gill_Dyslexic_Italic.ttf > Serif_Italic.ttf

Gill_Dyslexic_Dyslexic.ttf > Serif_Regular.ttf

Now place these files into the \linkfonts\fonts folder on your kindle. You should back up the original files that will be there so that you can replace them if you want to un-mod your font. You will choose to overwrite with these new ones. The last step is to reboot your kindle after adding the font. I am not an expert at modifying fonts so I’m not 100% sure that this is the easiest way to do things, but this definitely works.

Edit: A secondary tip: She says that raising font size and making line space bigger also make a huge difference. (she didn’t have a kindle before this hack so these other advantages of an e-reader add to the experience for her)



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